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Economic Development Policy

To ignite the economic engine of America, we must encourage businesses to invest in thriving communities and provide fair wages. We will implement a program to promote investment where it's needed most: places with existing inequities that need resources for success. This initiative offers incentives and opportunities to bring jobs back home while addressing systemic challenges our region faces today.

To bring federal resources to the Inland Valley, we must first work to build relationships with federal agencies and officials. We must prioritize establishing a dialogue with the Departments of Commerce, Labor, and Transportation, as well as other relevant agencies. Through these relationships, we will advocate for funding and programs that support job creation in the region.

One way that we will seek to bring federal resources to the Inland Valley is through grant programs. We will work to identify and apply for grants that support job training programs, small business development, and infrastructure projects. By securing federal grant funding, we will help support the growth of the local economy and create new job opportunities for Inland Valley residents.

The Inland Valley can benefit from federal tax incentives and credits. Supporting policies that provide tax incentives for businesses that create jobs in the region is a high priority. Additionally, advocating for tax credits for companies that invest in infrastructure projects or research and development initiatives in the Inland Valley.

As a Congresswoman, Melissa May will bring attention to the Inland Valley and its potential for economic growth working to highlight the region's strengths, including its diverse workforce, strategic location, and transportation infrastructure. By raising the profile of the Inland Valley, Melissa will attract investment and support from private sector companies and other entities.

We will also support the creation of a centralized employment center spearheaded by organizations and entities currently working together today to make it a reality. This will enable entrepreneurs and small businesses, across the region, access to resources needed for launching their dreams and achieving success in today's economy. Unlocking the power of our district's potential with a host of collaborative resources and support: co-working spaces, mentorship programs, networking events, access to funding - to launch careers and ambitions, while forging connections that could transform any idea into reality!

In conclusion, Melissa May believes that bringing federal resources to the Inland Valley is critical to supporting job growth and economic development in the region - working to build relationships with federal agencies and officials, applying for federal grants, supporting tax incentives and credits, and raising the profile of the Inland Valley to attract investment and support. Through these efforts, Melissa is committed to creating new economic opportunities and supporting the growth of the Inland Valley.

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